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What is WCW?

WCW কী? শ্রেণিকক্ষে কখন ব্যবহার করতে হয়?

Teachers set different types of activities in order to bring variety to the classroom, which helps the students to be involved actively and to remove boredom. To manage these activities teachers, use a variety of techniques: whole class work, group work, pair work and drills are among them.

What is WCW?

WCW means Whole Class Work. When all the students work together on the same activity and give attention to the person (teachers/students) who is talking in open class, then we entitle this Whole Class Work.

This is used for presentation and giving instructions to the class. For example –

  • Eliciting,
  • Giving instructions,
  • Explanation,
  • moving the lesson forward i.e., the teacher is going to start the next stages of the lesson,
  • establishing basic understanding of the input i.e., to help the students to have a clear idea what is mainly discussed in the input.

When to use the WCW:

It is used when the teacher is-

  • Trying to establish basic understanding of the input.
  • Providing controlled practice for a new language structure.
  • Giving explanation and instructions.
  • Moving the lesson forward i.e., Now, we are going to…….

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