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MCQ Test for DPEd English PK

DPEd Incourse and Final Examination Preparation


1. What does “ENL” stands for?

(a) English as a National language (b) English as a Neighbours language (c) English as a Native language (d) English as a Natural language.

2. English is taught as a –

(a) in Bangladesh. Second language (b) First language (c) Foreign language (d) Mother language.

3. In which country there is limited scope to use English out of the classroom?

(a) Japan (b) Bangladesh (c) Hong Kong (d) Tanzania

4. As a foreign language more people speak—

(a) English (b) Spanish (c) Bangla (d) Arabic

5. Who give the idea of three concentric circles?

(a) Kancha (b)  Janka (c)  Kachru (d)  Kokoo

6. How many people speaks English as a second language?

(a) 400 million (b) 500 million(c) 600 million (d) 300 million

7. How many people speak English at a useful level?

(a) 1.65 billion (b) 1.75 million (c) 1.75 billion (d) 1.65 million

8. Why the status of English varies for?

(a) Social and political issue (b) Economic and social reason (c) Political and demographic reason (d) Demographic and socio- political reason

9. The language we learn when we are baby is—

(a) Foreign language(b) Second language (c) International language (d) First language

10. Who use the term “umbrella label”?

(a) Crystal (b) Bolton (c) Graddon (d) Smith.

Correct Answer :

1. English as a Native language 2. Foreign language 3. Japan 4. English 5. Kachru 6. 600 million 7. 1.75 billion 8. Demographic and socio- political reason 9. First language 10. Bolton.

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