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English SK Unit-12 Hand-note

Unit 12: Events

1. Bangladesh is a country of festivals. Do you agree? If so, how important are festivals in the everyday lives of Bangladeshi people?

Or, what are the main festival of Bangladesh and where have they originated from?


Bangladesh is a country of festival and celebrations. Yes, I agree that Bangladesh is a country of festivals. There is a great importance and influence of these festivals on the everyday lives of Bangladeshi people. Because, over the years people of Bangladesh enjoy different types of festivals in which some are religious festivals and some are national festivals and anniversaries.

Religious festivals:

  • Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha are the biggest Muslim festivals.
  • Eid-E-Miladunnabi, Muharram and Shab-E-Barat are also remarkable festivals here.
  • The Hindus enjoy Durga Puja,
  • the Christians enjoy Christmas and
  • the Buddhists enjoy Buddha Purnima.

National festivals:

  • Independence Day,
  • Victory Day,
  • Bangla New Year, are celebrated as national festivals in this country.

All these festivals are celebrated very warmly by the people of Bangladesh. These festivals bring happiness, hope, affinity and good relationship among the people. So, it can be said that festivals have a great impact on the daily lives of Bangladeshi people.

2.What do you mean by celebration?


The definition of a celebration is an act or event designed to observe something or make something special and enjoyable. A celebration is an event which very different meaning by its observing sense like to rejoice in or have special festivities to mark (a happy day, event etc.), to observe (a birthday, anniversary etc.), to perform (a Solemn or religious ceremony), to praise publicly; proclaim. There are lots of celebration like birthday, anniversary, New-year, Eid, Puja, religious event etc.

However, by celebrating a day we can remove our monotony and boredom. We also can build up our social and family bonding by the help of various celebration.

3. Write a passage on International Mother Language Day.


Our Language Day, Amar Ekushey February was declared as International Mother Language Day by the UNESCO on November 17, 1999. Our mother tongue Bengali got international recognition on this day. In this occasion we remind those heroic sons of the country for their glorified sacrice for our mother language. Rafiq, Salam, Barkat and Jabbar were the part of them who sacrificed their lives on that day.

The Pakistani ruler shot them to death on February 21, 1952 as they raised massive protest against the than Pak ruler for the heinous motive pays homage to these great sons for their supreme sacrifice.

Since the day of its recognition by the UNESCO the people of the world have come to know about our profound love for out mother tongue as well as our struggle for it.

The people of the world also pay their homage to the martyrs of the language movement. We are proud of our mother language and we also feel proud of being Bangladeshi.

4. Who launched the Bengali New-year festival and how was celebrated?


The Bangla New-year festival, which is known as ‘Pohela Boishakh’, has been celebrated for more than five hundred years. The tradition started at the time of emperor Akbar in 1556. At this time people used to pay all the money they owed the last day of the year. On New-year Day, landlords gave sweet food their tenants and there were fair and other festivities. The tradition has continued for over a half a millennium and is still today a day of celebration and fun.

5. “Baishakhi Mela is the chief attractions of all classes of people.” Give your reason in favour of it.


“Baishakhi Mela is the chief attraction of all classes of people” I abosoutly agree with this statement. I would like to give some reason in favor of it. The reasons are given bellow:

  • The Mela holds an image of the rural Bangladesh which is held every year in the month of Baishakh. It is one of the leading attractions of village life. The Baishakhi Mela is long last for the whole month of Baishakh.
  • There are a number of stalls where we get various things. Such as traditional handicrafts, bamboo flutes potters, wooden things, funny goods, sweetmeats, dolls, toys etc. Men, women and children enjoy a lot and purchase their goods from this Mela.
  • Cultural functions are also arranged on the Mela. For examples the traditional Bangla folk-song, Jaree song, Bhawaia song etc.
  • Special circus parties and magic shows are also organized.

In the conclusion, I can say that nowadays Baishakhi Melas are also held establishes a relationship between a village life and city life. The Mela is regarded as a great source of joy and in towns and cities which happiness for the people.

6. Write four sentences on your last celebration using past form.


A few days ago I attended the wedding ceremony of my cousin Raihan. It took place at Narsingdi. On the appointed day amidst laughter and joy the bridegroom party started for the bride’s house in the evening. When we reached at the bride’s house, the bride’s family members and other relatives received us cordially. Then the Kazi performed the formalities relating to the marriage ceremony. After the ceremony we were entertained with delicious dinner.

7. Write the importance of International Mother Language Day.


This day has a great significance. On 21 February 1952, during the time of Pakistani rule some valiant sons of our country laid down their lives for our mother tongue, Bangla. The language movement gave us the spirit of liberation and we became independent in 1971. Since in November 1999, this day has been recognized by the UNESCO as the International Mother Language Day.

8. What is the aim of international Mother Language Day?


In November 1999 the 21st of February was named the International Mother Language Day. The day aims to celebrate different languages and to increase understanding between cultures.

9. What are the old New Year traditions that have disappeared in recent years?


Some of the old New-year traditions that have disappeared in recent years are: no longer thousands of beautiful kites fly above the cities in New Year day. Some popular village games and sports such as horse racing, pigeon flying and boat racing are also disappearing.

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