DPEd English SK Questions | বিগত ৫ বছরের ফাইনাল পরীক্ষার প্রশ্নাবলী - Proshikkhon

DPEd English SK Questions | বিগত ৫ বছরের ফাইনাল পরীক্ষার প্রশ্নাবলী

ডিপিএড ফাইনাল পরীক্ষার প্রশ্নপত্র

Diploma in Primary Education Examination

Examination Year-2020 (1st Shift)

Broad Questions:

1. Write the answer to the following questions (Any two)      10*2=20

a) Write a short paragraph on the primary school you studied in (within 100 words) answering the following questions:

(i) What was the name of your primary school.?

(ii) What did you use to wear to primary school?

(iii) Who did you use to play at primary school?

(v) Did you use to enjoy primary school? How?

b) Write about your everyday activities (at least 10 sentences) using the adverbs of frequency.

c) Write a newspaper article about our liberation war. You can use the words given in the box below:

Bloodshed    Struggle  Miser  Disparities    Domination  Autonomy

Deteriorating  Inter-wing  Straining  Embrace  Immortal patriotism

d) What can you remember about the primary school you studied in? Describe your school days from memory.

2. Answer any five of following questions in short. 2*5=10

a) What are considered to be children’s early literacy skills? How can you make children’s learning more interesting?

b) Write 5 sentences about yourself by including your name, age, nationality, occupation and place of work.

c) Why are pictures important for children in a lesson? Write four reasons.

d) Name four things you can do on the internet.

e) Write on similar and one opposite word for each word: ‘Hot’, ‘Small’, ‘ugly’ and ‘Honest’.

f) Write four sentences with gerund or infinitive.

g) Why is a nurse’s job very tiring?

h) What do you mean by leisure time? Describe your own experiences about day out with the family at the weekend.

Exam Year-2020 (2nd Shift)

1. Write the answer to the following questions (Any two)      10*2=20

a) Which library have you used in your life and why? Write a short paragraph comparing PTI with Central Public Library. Use comparative and superlative forms.

b) Imagine you are very keen to picnic and you want to arrange a big family picnic as a celebration for your uncle’s birthday in the next month. Describe how you organize and enjoy it. What are the benefits of travelling?

c) What is ‘Balanced Diet’? How does ‘Balanced Diet’ Play a crucial role in physical and mental development of a primary aged children? Mention some initiatives taken by the government for Primary School in this regard.

d) Mention the characteristics of Rhyme and Poem. Explain the role of Rhyme and Poem for enhancing the four language skills, especially the listening skill.

2. Answer any five of following questions in short. 2*5=10

a) Write four different sports names. Which one is your favourite sport?

b) Write down five benefits of using library for DPEd learners.

c) Why is it important to preserve cultural heritage? Write in four sentences.

d) Write down five sentences about your favourite festival using these particular words- Flower, Celebrate, Decorate, Invite, Entertainment.

e) Write two sentences using present continuous form and other two sentences in past continuous form.

f) Suppose, Taskiya is your best friend. Now write four things about your best friend.

g) Give a short description about popular sports in Bangladesh.

h) What are the purposes of DPEd learners for using internet in this Pandemic Corona situation?

Examination Year-2019

1. Write the answer to the following questions (Any two)      10*2=20

1. What is greetings? How can you exchange greetings with your students in the classroom?

2. Explain benefits of telling stories to your children. Now write a story focusing past simple and past continuous form of verbs. Use at least 150 words to complete the story.

3. Write a short paragraph describing the problems faced by the farmers and the ways that farmers deal with their problems; use the generalizing expressions- generally, on the whole, in general, by and large.

4. Write a description of your own town or village using 200 to 250 words, Use the following prepositions in your writing: outside, inside, in the middle of, at the side, on the corner of, above, below, in, on, near, beside, etc.

2. Answer any five of following questions in short. 2*5=10

1. Write four example sentences using the form ‘used to + infinite’.

2. Underline the stressed syllable of the words- Wednesday, January, August and September.

3. Mrs. Hug wants to keep her fit. Now give her at least two advices which she needs to follow regarding taking food.

4. How can you make a clear difference between working online and working offline?

5. Write four sentences about your favourite sport.

6.Suppose you are Sumon/Sumona. You want to buy a shirt/dress from a shop. Now write dialogues for this situation.

7.Write a short description about the economic importance of handicrafts of Bangladesh.

8. Write four sentences about Hellen Keller did.

Examination Year-2018

1. Write the answer to the following questions (Any two)      10*2=20

1. ‘Village life is better than city life’. Why? Why not? Justify your opinion using agreeing and disagreeing expressions.

2. “English classes should always be taught in English” – Write down your opinion on this statement (at least 15 sentences.)

3. Write a short paragraph describing the problems you face in teaching English at training schools and the ways that help you with the problems. Try to use some of the generalizing expressions like “generally speaking”, “one the whole”, “in general”, “by and large” etc.

4. Write a short composition (with 100 Words) about your own hobby or past time. Write at least three reasons for liking it. Also mention who taught you the hobby. Don’t mention the name of your hobby.

2. Answer any five of following questions in short. 2*5=10

1. Write the meaning of the following words in English- Skyscraper, Lighthouse.

2. Write two reasons for declaring `the Sundarbans’ one of the national heritage of Bangladesh by the government.

3. Write 5 sentences on your post habits using the phrase “used to”.

Mention a name of a transport which most comfortable to travel in Bangladesh. Justify your answer.

4. What do the abbreviations QASI and ASI stand for? Write 4 questions using both forms (at least one from each).

5. Complete the following sentences. Choose correct words form the box. [covered in water, nature sanctuary, species, herds/riverbank, hire, six to ten hours, winter]

i) One third of the area of the Sundarbans is ___________.

ii) The Sundarbans has been a __________for over 40 years.

iii) More than 260 _______ of birds have been seen in the area.

iv) It’s possible to see _____ of deer or crocodiles lying on the ______. ●

6. Why are internet users increasing day by day? Write two reasons in favour of your answer.

7. Transform the following sentences as directed.

i) It’s warmer now than it was yesterday. (positive)

ii) A town isn’t as big as a city. (comparative)

Examination Year-2017

1. Write the answer to the following questions (Any two)      10*2=20

1. Suppose your are going to apply for the post of AUEO. Write your CV for the post. Include the following information in your CV.

2. Write a short description (within 100 words) of your own district/town/village. Use comparative and superlative form.

3. Name four thing which can be done on the internet. Have used any of them? Which do you prefer to use? Why? Write five reasons.

4. One of your cousins wants to be a teacher in primary school. Write a letter to him describing the life of a teacher based on your own experience.

2. Answer any five of following questions in short. 2*5=10

1.How do you introduce yourself to your new students?

2.Write about your shopping using four different adverb of frequency.

3.Mrs. Rina is a nurse. She works in a hospital and you know her well. Now, mention four activities that she does every day.

4.How can you keep yourself healthy?

5.Write 4 sentences on your last celebration using past form.

6.Write 4 sentences about your past habit using “used to

7.Group the following words into Transport, Internet, Sport and Handicrafts, rickshaw. virus, match, email, traffic, textiles, championship, pottery.

8.Write them in words: 1,000,000,000,0%; 0.5 and 2.25

Examination Year-2016

1. Write the answer to the following questions (Any two)      10*2=20

1.Your friend wanted to know about DPEd training and your PTI. Now reply him/her reflecting present simple and continuous form in your letter.

2.Introduce yourself to a group of people. Write a composition about your daily doings using obligations have to, don’t have to, need to, must, can’t etc.).

3.Do you think it is important to tell the children stories? Why or why not? Give reason in favour of you opinion

4.What is handicraft? Write a description about the cultural and economic importance of handicrafts Bangladesh.

2. Answer any five of following questions in short. 2*5=10

1. What is the difference between an employee and an employer?

2. Suppose you are Salam/Salma. You want to buy books from a shop. Now make dialogue for this situation

3. Write a short paragraph about Helen Keller

4. Rahim is a farmer. He grows paddy. Now write the possible challenges that he can face in four sentences

5. What is the importance of internet in your DPEd course?

6. What does a balance diet contain?

7. How is the role of women changing in context to Bangladesh culture?

8. What is the difference between traditional and modern story?

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